National Health Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Vision, Mission, Goals

As articulated in the National Health Policy 2015, the national vision for health is the “attainment, by all people living in Seychelles, of the highest level of physical, social, mental and spiritual health and living in harmony with nature”.

True to this vision, the mission of the sector is “to relentlessly promote, protect and restore health and quality of life and dignity of all people in Seychelles with the active participation of all stakeholders, through the creation of an enabling environment for citizens to make an informed
decision about their health”.

The NHSP 2022-2026 is the second strategic plan of the National Health Policy 2015. Like the first medium-term plan, this NHSP embraces the guiding principles of “Health for, Health by all and Health in all”.

The goals of this strategic plan are to:

  • Increase life expectancy and healthy life expectancy
  • Achieve and sustain all dimensions of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
  • Prevent, Prepare for, detect early and respond adequately to all health emergencies
  • Promote healthy populations

The NHSP proposes bold changes to maintain and build on health gains for all people in Seychelles throughout the life-course. It recognises that promoting, protecting and restoring health in the fragile and unpredictable post-pandemic social and economic situation requires bold and innovative approaches. It recognises that health gains can be easily eroded; and that renewed and sustained investment is needed.

The NHSP 2022-2026 Framework

This NHSP has six strategic directions represented by the six pillars:

1. SD1 Strengthen leadership, governance and administration
2. SD2 Protect and improve UHC
3. SD3 Improve health security
4. SD4 Promote healthy populations
5. SD5 Invest for results
6. SD6 Improve data for impact

What the sector is planning to achieve is captured under SD2, SD3 and SD4, while critical inputs required to achieve these results are captured under the other three pillars (SD1, SD5 and SD6).

The NHSP sets out the priorities for each pillar for the next five years. While there is collective ownership of this five-year plan, the different entities will be responsible for delivering on specific objectives under these pillars.

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