Pediatric Dental Service

Pediatric dentistry is a field in dentistry that aims to provide both primary and comprehensive, preventive and therapeutic oral health care to infants and children through adolescence including those with special health care needs.

Work profile

  • Examination and management of children with special health care needs under General anesthesia in the O.T.
  • Performing root canal treatments for milk teeth and permanent teeth.
  • Treatment of prematurely missing milk teeth using space maintainers or space regainers.
  • Habit interception using fixed or removable appliances ( thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting)
  • Early interception of developing malocclusions such as crowding of teeth.
  • Minor oral surgical procedures (labial and lingual frenectomy, cyst excision)
    – Stainless steel crown placement in treated milk teeth.


  • Yellow Roof Dental
  • English River Health Centre Dental unit
  • Anse Royale Health Centre Dental Unit

Cases in Operation theatre

Once a month.

Pediatric Dental Team

1 Pediatric dentist and
1 Dental Surgery Technician.

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