Dental Public Health (DPH) Section

What is the aim of the section?

The overall aim of the Dental Public Health (DPH) Section is to improve the oral health of the population of Seychelles.

What are the core functions of the DPH section?

Develop and maintain a dental information system

Daily dental statistics from all sub-units and any relevant information pertaining to dental health of the public is collated and managed by the DPH section. Reporting on the information timely is performed routinely through the reports.

Conduct oral health research and submit reports

Developing and implementing quality service-based and project based dental research aimed at improving the oral health of the population is an important function of the DPH section.

Develop, monitor and evaluate oral health programs

Oral health programs are essential in preventing oral diseases and promoting oral health. The DPH section is involve in the development, monitoring and evaluation of these programs.

Organize oral health promotion activities

The Oral Health Promotion Committee is a committee under the DPH section that offers oral health promotion activities. One of the goals of the committee is to raise awareness about oral health to prevent oral diseases. Activities include individual or group oral health education, dental screenings, tooth brushing sessions, exhibitions and media activities to state a few. The activities are conducted in different settings such as public areas, work organizations, school and health facilities.

Initiate and engage in policy development

Development of oral health policy and advocating for regulations that protect the dental health and safety of the population is another core function of the DPH section.

Who are the staff working with the DPH section?

Staff work with the DPH section either on a part-time or full-time basis. Majority of the staff are dental professionals with qualification ranging from advance certificate to masters degree.

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