Rehabilitation Services

The Rehabilitation Services, a section under the Health Care Agency (HCA) aims to provide the Seychelles’ population with a coordinated and integrated rehabilitation care. According to World Health Organization (WHO), rehabilitation is central to health services and pivotal to the attainment of the Universal Health coverage, which is core to making headway on Sustainable Development Goals – Health. Rehabilitation is becoming increasing crucial in the health sector as it addresses not only the impact of health conditions on a person’s life, improving their general functioning and participation in their personals lives and community but also reduce the experience of disability.


8:00 A.M.

In the Seychelles, the Rehabilitation Services Staff strives to offer the best possible level of care to inpatients and outpatients of all ages recovering from illness, injury, and other conditions and limitation; helping them achieve the best possible health, wellbeing and quality of life during their hospital stay and whilst living in their communities.

Following their referral to specific units, patients are assessed accordingly and made to follow an intervention program based on their current needs to maximize their daily function and overall quality of life.

Rehabilitation Services also serves to educate and empower the Seychellois people on ways to prevent injuries and manage physical and psychological challenges that arise from ongoing limitations and conditions such as cancer, osteoporosis, falls, and hearing loss. It is equipped with health professionals trained to provide the reassurance of a high level of clinical expertise who can apply systematic clinical reasoning within a problem-solving approach to optimise patient-centred care.


The service comprises of a multidisciplinary team of trained allied health professionals consisting of:

Occupational Therapy
Orthotic and Prosthetic
Speech Pathology


Rehabilitation Staff works in:

Rehabilitation Centre
Institutionalized Care
Homes for the Elderly
Work Places
Health Centers


  • Provide individualized and group therapy to patients and clients based on their specific needs through an integrated and comprehensive approach to rehabilitative care.
  • Primary prevention: prevention of injuries and disabilities in all ages by promoting a healthy lifestyle through health education and health promotion activities.
  • Tertiary prevention: through its rehabilitative programs, promote rapid reintegration of clients/patients back to their working environment, community and society following a period of illness or recovery.
  • Development of the section by keeping abreast with recent advancement in the profession and incorporating new skills and knowledge learnt in practice.
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