Periodontics Service

The Oral Health Services Division has newly introduced Periodontics as a specialist unit that works in close collaboration with other dental professionals. On a referral basis, the unit provides treatment for patients in need of specialised care for advanced gum and implant diseases. The periodontics service currently operates weekdays from 7 am- 3 pm at the Yellow Roof building.

Services Provided

Presently, the periodontics specialist unit provides consultations as well as non-surgical, surgical and supportive gum treatment for patients.

Current Team Members

  • 1 Periodontist: A dentist specialised in the management of gum and implant diseases.
  • 1 Dental Surgery Technician: A dental professional who primarily assists the periodontist with clinical procedures.

What to Expect

If you have been diagnosed with advanced gum/implant disease, your general dental practitioner may refer you to the periodontist for specialised care. The periodontics team will contact you to confirm your appointment once your referral has been processed. Your scheduled appointment may be for one of the following:

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