The Public Health Authority (PHA) monitors, evaluates and ensures efficient operations of the Public Health Laws. It also regulates, monitors and evaluates all health-related services and ensures they adhere to good practices in the interest of the general public.

What does the Seychelles Public Health Authority do?

  • Proposes and implements laws and regulations to protect individuals, families and communities
  • Ensures the safety of all living environments (environmental health) and gainful human activity (occupational health and safety)
  • Inspects premises for the purposes of licensing and compliance with standards, laws and regulations
  • Prevents the entry of disease- causing vectors into the country at ports and airports
  • Leads national programmes aimed at disease prevention (e.g. HIV and AIDS Programme, Cancer Prevention Programme, Tuberculosis Programme, Neglected Tropical Diseases etc), health promotion, and community well-being
  • Engages with communities to raise awareness about key public health issues and necessary preventive measures (e.g. tobacco control, food control, control of harmful use of alcohol)
  • Monitors and analyses health data to identify disease trends, outbreaks, and emerging health concerns (integrated disease surveillance and response)
  • Develops emergency response plans and protocols to address public health crises, natural disasters, and pandemics
  • Coordinates and leads appropriate response efforts during public health emergencies such as COVID-19,
  • Conducts robust research to gather evidence to inform policy
  • Runs sophisticated public health laboratories
  • Collaborates with government agencies, non-profits, and other stakeholders to advocate for policies that enhance public health and safety

Strategic Priorities 2024 to 2026

  • Conduct joint external evaluation, develop and implement new National Action Plan for Health Security (NAPHS), and institutionalise a functional Public Health Emergency Operations Centre
  • Construction and furbishment of new Public Health Lab and strengthen the laboratory capacity for genomic surveillance, other acute respiratory viruses and zoonotic diseases.
  • Strengthen disease surveillance and response through the Implementation of the adapted 3rd edition of Integrated Disease surveillance Response guidelines.
  • Strengthen regulatory functions of PHA by revising and updating existing and required public health laws/regulations and developing National Standards.
  • Strengthen National and Health Sector’s response to HIV, AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
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