Hospital Support Services

The Hospital Support Services section is the backbone of Health Care Agency and is responsible for ensuring the delivery of high quality health care services on a 24 hour basis for services users of both the Hospital and community on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue the clients, the in-patients, outpatients the staff and units and Administrative Departments of the Healthcare Agency. The aim of Hospital Support Service is to meet the prescribed requirements and standards for the provision and delivery of healthcare services. The office of support Services is manned by a Manager, a Senior Admin Officer and an office assistant, sometimes assisted by a Health information assistant or by students on casual basis during school holidays for data entry. Priority and prompt service delivery is also provided to the Minister’s office, Principal Secretary Secretariat and the Director Generals to facilitate smooth execution of top-level decisions. The Hospital Support Services also serve as information resource for the various unit managers, clients and/for the general public concerning administrative programmes and /or projects and ensure that the Ministry/Healthcare Agency undertakes to the maximum to improve service delivery.

Housekeeping Services – The main functions of housekeeping are:

1. Maintain overall cleanliness and infection control within the health institution
2. Ensuring maintenance of the building and its infrastructure.
3. Laundry service and linen management.
4. Waste management – Incinerator services.
5. Hospital Portering
6. Telecommunication services-Telephone Operators
7. Stores – for basic materials and equipment for maintenance.
8. Messenger Services.

9. Maintenance of the infrastructure eg air-con,plumbering and interior embellishment.
10. CSSD(Central Sterilizing Supply Department)
11. Health Information – Patient case notes (Medical files )
12. Catering services
13. Security Services- Safety and security of the patients ,clients and staff
14. Cleaning of Environmental /landscaping of grounds
15. Pest control services 16. Transport Section mainly for medical supplies

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