Fact 1

Covifor Redemsivir is not a COVID-19 vaccine being tested in Africa

Covifor is a medication. It is manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Hetero Drugs. The drug is being used to treat patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in several countries. It needs to be administered intravenously in a hospital, critical care setting, under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.

COVID-19 vaccines currently approved in Seychelles are Moderna and Sinopharm vaccines.

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Fact 2

There is no evidence that the COVID-19 Vaccine affects women’s fertility

The claim is that the COVID-19 vaccine could threaten fertility because it contains proteins also used to make the placenta which could lead to the body attacking the placenta leading to infertility.

This is not true, as there are no credible biological mechanism by which COVID-19 could affect female fertility.

If according to the claim, the COVID-19 Vaccine (containing the virus genetic material) could trigger an immune response against placental protein, this mean that an actual COVID-19 infection should do the same, which would mean that millions of women of child bearing age globally who has been infected with COVID-19 so far should be unable to have children, which is not the case.

Remember getting vaccinated is a personal decision but ensure your decision on whether to get vaccinated is based on science and facts, not myths.