What is Contak?

The Contak app is QR code based contact tracing app developed in partnership with the Department of Information, Communication and Technology (DICT) and Space 95. 

It helps you easily keep track of everywhere you’ve been to help fight the covid-19 pandemic by facilitating the contact tracing process. The app is easily downloaded from Google Play Store and allows to register using two options: Individual or Entity. 


When you register as an Individual a QR code with your personal information (Name, NIN/Passport Number, Phone Number, Address) is generated for you. You can then scan official Contak Posters at locations that you visit or scan personal QR codes for individuals that you meet up with. The information is stored in a private diary on your phone,  which you can share with health officials in the event that you test positive for COVID-19.


When you register as an Entity, a QR code with information on your establishment is generated along with official posters to display at different locations.

COMING SOON: As an entity you will be able to keep the required logbook of visitors to your establishment in digital format. When individuals scan the QR code using their CONTAK Individual account their visit will automatically logged onto your account. 

How to register on CONTAK?

After you download and launch the app, carefully read and accept the Data and Privacy Policy.

To register as an ‘Individual’ click on Continue as an Individual and enter the required information (Name, NIN/Passport No, Telephone No, Address) in the provided slots. 

To register as an entity, click on confirm Entity and enter your phone number and the provided verification code. 


Scanning Posters

  • When you visit a location with a CONTAK poster open your app.
  • Click on ‘Location’.
  • Point the camera to the poster to scan the QR code.
  • When a successful message appears you may proceed. 

Security Scans

  • At certain locations you may be asked to present your CONTAK QR
  • Open your app and click ‘My QR’
  • Show your QR code to the scanning officer for scanning
  • Once scanned you may proceed

Kit Contak

  • Open your app and select ‘Person’
  • Have the individual click ‘My QR’
  • Scan the person’s QR code
  • You can also present your QR code to be scanned

Only information you have provided in the app is collected, no other device data is collected or transmitted.

Your data is stored locally on your device. You can clear your Diary anytime you wish with functionality provided in the app. Additionally, Diary data older than 30 days is automatically deleted.

If you test postive for COVID-19 or become a close contact of an infected person you can upload your diary voluntarily to the Ministry of Health in an effort to aid them in this fight against COVID-19. When you share your diary, it is uploaded directly to Ministry of Health servers over a secure connection, and will be used for the sole purpose of COVID-19 tracking and no other purpose.

Your data will not be sold or shared with any other entity.

Frequently Asked Questions From Individuals

When and why do I need to check into a venue?

If you enter a venue (e.g. a shop, restaurant, religious centre) that has an official CONTAK QR code poster at the entrance, you should scan it with your app.

If other people were at the same venue at the same time as you, and later test positive for COVID-19 you may get an alert to let you know.

Where do I download the Contak App?

If you’re using an Android device: Search ‘Contak’ in Play Store. Download the app and register for free.

If you’re using an iOS device: Watch up for updates on the release on our social media channels

Who has access to my personal information and movement history?

All data of scanned locations and people remain on your phone until you upload it to the Public Health Authority database for contact tracing

Does the app use my location?

The app does not use Bluetooth, GPS Location or any means of tracking

Does the app use my mobile data?

The app does not require mobile data to function. You only use mobile data to upload your diary for contact tracing.

What happens when I scan a person/location?

The information is kept in a digital diary on your phone, which can be secured using biometrics (fingerprint). No information is sent to the Ministry of Health until you upload your diary for contact tracing.

How will I get alerts if someone who I have been in contact with tests positive for COVID-19?

1. If someone scanned a location around the same time as you and later tested positive an alert will be sent to your phone
2. If someone you scanned / someone that scanned you tests positive, you will be sent an alert on your phone

What do I do when I get an alert?

Call the number displayed in your alert and give the Health Official your Reference code (will be displayed in the centre of your screen in a large font).

The Health Official will then ask you a few questions for contact tracing and assess your risk level. Follow all the instructions given to you by the Health Official.

Frequently Asked Questions From Businesses

Who needs a QR poster?

All businesses and services are encourrage to have a CONTAK QR poster on display in an accessible area or at the entrance of the establishment.

How do I get a QR code poster for my venue?

You can generate a poster using any of the following three methods:

1. Fill up the QR Code Generator Form found at

2. Download the ‘Contak’ App in Play Store and Register as an Entity

3. Drop us an email on and give us the following details (Business Name, Address, Contact Name, Contact No, and Email Address). We will send you the pdf copy of the poster to print by email.

If your location is made up of different rooms or spaces, you may wish to print separate QR codes for the separate areas. This will allow contact tracing to be more precise. To do this, you will need register each separate location. For example, one poster for the waiting room and one poster for the offices of an establishment.

Where should I display my Contak Poster?

It is advisable to have multiple CONTAK QR posters at visible and easily accessible locations at your premises.

Why should I display the official CONTAK QR code poster?

You are strongly encouraged to generate and display the official CONTAK QR code poster for your establishment if you have premises regularly visited by the public. When you display a QR code, people will be able to check in to your venue on their CONTAK app and this will improve the accuracy and speed of contact tracing.

If someone who test positive for COVID-19 has been to your venue, PHA can send a notification to app users who were at your venue at the same time. The notification will not mention the name of your venue, just that the app user may have been near to someone who has coronavirus.

Will customers know if someone with COVID-19 has been to my venue?

Notifications to CONTAK app users will not mention the name of your venue, just that the app user has recently been to a venue where they may have come into contact with coronavirus (COVID-19


For any technical concerns call 6410141 or email: