Minister of Health Seychelles leads delegation to Indian Ocean Health Security Conference

Ms. Peggy Vidot, the Minister of Health-Seychelles, led a delegation of four senior officials from the Ministry of Health Seychelles and Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment to a Ministerial Conference on Health Security in the Indian Ocean in Mauritius from 12-14 September 2023.

The delegation consisted of Mr. Keven Nancy, Principal Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Dr. Jude Gedeon, Public Health Commissioner, and Dr Jimmy Melanie, Principal Veterinary Officer.

The Epidemiological Surveillance and Alert Management network (Surveillance Épidémiologique et Gestion des Alertes), SEGA – One Health network being a committee of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) in human, animal and environmental health, was the main purpose of this conference with the Minister of Health and Ministry of Agriculture representative signing a Declaration formalizing the sustainability of the SEGA-One Health network.