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School tuck-shops rewarded for exemplary food sales practices

January 16th 2017 – In efforts to bolster compliance to the nationally recognised School Nutrition Policy by several food providers based on school premises, the Health Care Agency is hosting an award ceremony on Thursday 18th January 2018 at 9am, to reward tuck-shop operators with good nutritional practices.

44 tuck-shop operators have been invited to the ceremony at the Sheikh Kalifah Diagnostic Centre, where 27 operators will receive an award for their satisfactory compliance to the policy. The Health Care Agency has noted 60% compliance to the policy.

“Ten operators will be given silver awards and fifteen bronze awards,” says Mrs Rosie Bistoquet, Director Family Health & Nutrition Programme at the Health Care Agency. “Then, there are two outstanding operators who will be awarded Gold Awards for exceptionally meeting requirements, standards and guidelines of the policy”.

Another highlight of the event is the reveal of the newly introduced TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM for food sales by tuck-shop operators. This new system which is to be implemented in all primary and secondary intuitions from the beginning of the new school term of 2018, divides food nutrients into three categories: High, moderate and low Nutritional Values according to the dietary guidelines.

Traffic Light System:

  • Foods that fall within the green light are foods that can be sold in unlimited amounts. These should be 70% of the menu.
  • Food in the amber zone should be carefully selected and can only be 2 items per day. These would make it 30% of the menu.
  • Food in the red light are foods that should not be sold at all.

“It is mandatory for implementation of this guideline to start at the earliest, especially now the rate of overweight, obesity is on the rise among both children and adults; 21% in children, 72% in women and 57% in men respectively,” Mrs Bistoquet adds. “Tuck shop operators will be given a period of about 3 months to use up previous stock of food/drink products after which the guidelines should be fully implemented”.

The national school nutrition policy is a joint document between both Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. It was last updated in 2008 and serves as a guide for nutrition in all schools. The policy is currently being revised and will ensure greater provision of healthier snacks for the school children and reduced availability of less favorable choices in the school tuck shops.

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Rehabilitation services hosts annual children’s Christmas party

Tuesday 26th December 2017 – 114 children of up to 5 years who attend rehabilitation sessions across the country will come together in a gathering to celebrate Christmas on Wednesday 27th December 2017 as from 11am.

Rehabilitation Services along with Airtel Seychelles each year hosts a small get-together for the children and their parents to enjoy the festive season in fun and light atmosphere. This year, the festivities will take place at the Asian Fusion restaurant at Au Cap.

The party will feature a small lunch, some games for both parents and children to partake in. Santa Claus will also make a small stop to give a small gift to the children.

Rehabilitation Services comprises of various services including; physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, cognitive therapy and others. Several of these services are available in all health centres.


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Youth welfare explored in first-ever multi-sectorial meeting

Monday 18th December 2017 – A high level committee on youth health, formed from the recommendations of two surveys on youth behaviours conducted in 2015, will host their first meeting at the Ministry of Health on Tuesday 19th December 2017 at 1.30 pm.

The meeting which will be chaired by the designated minister, Mrs Macsuzie Mondon will take place in the Minister’s conference room in the red roof building. Members of the committee will discuss proposals of the two surveys, which were published in a report earlier this year.

The Seychelles Global Youth Tobacco Survey and the Seychelles School-based Student Health Survey, highlighted a high prevalence of numerous risk behaviours among adolescents aged 13-15 years.

Recommendations from the report included several approvals for multi-sectorial actions promoting healthy lifestyles in adolescents.

Members of the committee will explore these various recommendations and strategies to be rightfully implement these.

The high level committee comprises of different representatives from Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), Citizens Engagement Platform (CEPS), Seychelles Interfaith Council (SIFCO), National Sports Council (NSC), Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC), National Assembly, and the Ministries of Health, Education, and Youth Sports and Culture.

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Small family enterprise donates to Seychelles Hospital in memory of departed relative

13th December 2017 – Small family business, Danube Home by Smart Living, will gift sofa beds and recliners to the Seychelles Hospital this festive season, in remembrance of their late brother’s fight against cancer.

The donation consists of 2 sofa beds sofa beds worth SCR 20,000 and 2 single-seater recliners worth SCR 14,000. These will be presented in a ceremony at the Red Roof Building on Friday 15th December 2017 at 8.30am.

Owners of the enterprise located in the centre of providence, Margaret and Maureen Victorine, will make the presentation to the CEO of Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange.

“We value our customers and consider them as family,” says Margaret Victorine. “Having lost our brother to cancer at the beginning of this year, we are humbled to be able to give back to the Ministry of Health. This is our recognition to all the nurses and doctors who in their own way guided us during this hard time.”

The furniture will be used in the paediatric ward, located on the ground floor of the Seychelles Hospital. In the past few years, more than 2000 children have been admitted on the ward yearly. In 2015 and 2016 respectively there have been 2094 and 2238 admissions.

Children are often accompanied by their parents or guardians who spend the night. These two pairs of furniture will add to the parents comfort during their admission. The Health Care Agency hopes to generate a continued partnership with Danube Home by Smart Living, following the donation to continue improving care and comfort in health facilities. 

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Health Minister opens new oncology unit

1st December 2017 – The new look of the Oncology Unit of the Seychelles Hospital will be revealed in an opening ceremony on Wednesday 6th December 2017, at 9am. The facility, located in the Red Roof Building, will officially be re-opened by Minister for Health, Mr Jean Paul Adam.  

In attendance will be the Principal Secretary for Health, Dr Bernard Valentin, the Special Adviser to the minister, Dr Loren Reginald, the WHO Representative in Seychelles, Dr Tenin Gakuruh, patients accompanied by their family and several sponsors who contributed towards the renovations.

Renovation works on the facility cost 1.5 million rupees and was sponsored by three local non-governmental organisations, the Cancer Concern Association, Seychelles Round Table and the Soroptimist International Club of Victoria.

Each organisation contributed five hundred thousand Seychelles Rupees.

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Update of Plague outbreak in Madagascar and revision of restrictions

29th November 2017 – The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially reported the plague outbreak in Madagascar to be contained in an update dated 27th November 2017. The 27th November marked 14 days after the last case of plague was reported.

In light of this development, the Public Health Authority is lifting the imposed travel restriction and wishes to inform others that there are no trade restrictions. Surveillance at the ports of entry, in laboratory and the health facilities are maintained. Isolation facilities at the military training academy are to be returned to the academy with immediate effect. Ships can enter port for normal activity without having to spend the 7 days outside Madagascar first.

The PHA takes the opportunity to thank the public for their support and understanding during this outbreak. The PHA will provide periodic update as and when required.

Overview of outbreak

Since the onset of the plague outbreak in Madagascar in August 2017, 2348 cases have been reported with 206 deaths (case fatality rate of about 9%).

The Ministry of Health in Madagascar officially announced the containment of the acute urban pneumonic plague outbreak on 25th November 2017. However, because plague is endemic in Madagascar and as the plague season lasts from September to April, more cases of bubonic and sporadic pneumonic plague are expected to be reported until April 2018.

It is therefore important that certain surveillance measures continue through to the end of the plague season. Based on its guidelines, WHO has reported that due to concerted national and international response the current and unprecedented outbreak of plague in Madagascar, which started on 1 August 2017, has been contained. International risk of spread of the plague was assessed to be low during the outbreak and now with the absence of new cases, that risk is even lower.


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Health Care Agency to receive new batch of medical equipment

27th November 2017 – The Health Care Agency will sign an agreement for the purchase of medical equipment under the 36.5 million Seychelles Rupees received from the Government of Indian on Tuesday 28th November 2017 at 1.30pm.

Equipment purchased under this grant will be from an enterprise of the Indian Government, HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd.

The CEO of HCA, Dr Danny Louange and the CEO of HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd, Mr S.N Sathu will sign the agreement to facilitate purchase of specific equipment, in the presence of the Minister for Health, Mr Jean Paul Adam in a short ceremony, in the Minister’s Conference Room at the Red Roof Building.

The agreement caters to 17typesof medical equipment, totalling to 378 items specified by HCA. These include anaesthesia units, neonatal ventilators, patient monitors, ultrasound scanners, dental chairs and equipment and many other useful life saving equipment.

This partnership marks the second phase of the purchase of medical equipment from the Indian Government following the presentation of a large consignment of similar equipment from the Indian Government in early November 2017.


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Update on Plague Alert

22nd November 2017 – The WHO update of 20th November has declared that the epidemic phase of the plague outbreak in Madagascar is ending but is not over. WHO will usually declare an outbreak to be over after two maximum incubation periods has passed (2×7=14 days).

However, given the endemic status of plague in Madagascar and given that the usual season ends in April, they may not do that just yet. Therefore, all measures in place in Seychelles continue. These include the temporary suspension of Air Seychelles flights to Madagascar, active isolation, measures at the ports of entry, and surveillance at all levels.

In view of the greatly decreased risk of human to human transmission, disease circulation exit screening in Madagascar, entry screening in Seychelles, easy treatment of cases, no antibiotic resistance detected and confirmatory tests being done locally, completed preparedness and response plan including a communication plan, make the chance of a plague case entering Seychelles and spreading very low at this stage.

Since the onset of the outbreak in Madagascar in August 2017, 2267 cases have been reported with 195 deaths. 76% of the total number of cases were pneumonic. During the outbreak 82 healthcare workers got infected but none died.

Only two foreigners contracted the plague while in Madagascar; the late Mr Alix Alisop (Seychellois) and a South African coach who was one of his contacts when he was ill. The latter recovered.

The number of cases in Madagascar has steadily declined since mid-October. The last confirmed bubonic plague case was reported on 7th November 2017, and the last confirmed pneumonic plague case was reported on 14th November 2017.

Since plague is endemic to parts of Madagascar, WHO expects more cases to be reported until the typical plague season ends in April 2018. It is therefore important that control measures continue through to the end of the plague season. With all the measures in place it is expected that any new cases would be managed more promptly.

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Seychelles hosts Rehabilitation International Secretary General

14th November 2017 – The Ministry of Health will host the Secretary General of Rehabilitation International (RI), Ms Venus M Ilagan at the Red Roof Building on Friday 17th November 2017at 11am.

Ms M Ilagan will pay a courtesy call the Minister for Health, Mr Jean Paul Adam at 11 am to discuss new partnerships and areas of cooperation.

This visit follows the Rehabilitation International Global Annual General Assembly being held in Ethiopia from the 12th to 15th November 2017. Seychelles who is a member of Rehabilitation International will be participating in this meeting.

Rehabilitation is the action of restoring someone to health or normal life after training and therapy after an ailment. In Seychelles rehabilitation services are mainly offered at the North East Point Hospital and the Rehabilitation Centre in North East Point.

Ms Ilagan will be in Seychelles from the 16th to 19th November. She will also visit the Ministry of Family Affairs, the School for the Exceptional Child, Rehabilitation Centre, and the Vocational Centre for Persons with Disabilities.


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