Staff of the Health Department bade farewell to outgoing Minister Mitcy Larue and extended a warm welcome to the new Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Mr Jean Paul Adam in a small gathering held at the conference room in the Sheikh Khalifa Diagnostic Centre on Wednesday 2nd November 2016.

Dr Bernard Valentin, Principal Secretary for Health and host for the afternoon, delivered a humorous opening address in which he listed many of the infrastructural developments overseen by Minister Larue during her long service at the Health Department and he thanked her on behalf of all the staff for the various achievements under her guidance.

Mrs Larue, expressed her sadness at leaving the Ministry of Health but recognised the wonderful experience she has had during her four years as the Minister for Health. She thanked the staff for their immense support and reassured them that the Health Department will always be in her heart.

The audience also extended a warm welcome to Mr Jean Paul Adam, the new Minister for Health and Social Affairs, to which he said he felt like he’s coming home.

“I am also very happy and privileged to be following somebody whom I admire very much,” Minister Adam said to the audience.  “I am confident that I can fit in in Health because I believe in the capacity of all the professionals that are here. I believe strongly in the management team we have and that by federating all of these human resources we can continue that arch and achieve wonderful results”.

Minister Adam will officially come into office full time around the 15th of November at which time, Minister Larose will come in to assume his portfolio as the new Minister of Finance.