30 bedding sets were gifted to the Casualty Unit of the Seychelles Hospital by Seychelles Centennial Women’s Lions Club on Saturday 19th August 2017.

The President of the Club, Mrs S.T Karpagam made the presentation to the CEO of Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange, in a gathering at the red roof building. Attending the ceremony was the Special Adviser to the Minister, Dr Loren Reginald, an International Representative of Lions Club, other club members and staff of the Ministry.

Accepting the donation, Dr Louange extended a special thank you the Lions Club members for their generous contribution which continues to prove that community involvement will continue to help in improving quality of health.

“It is not an easy task to realise such a donation. It is something that requires heart, energy and passion,” Dr Louange said. “Providing quality services proves quick tricky sometimes. We continuously need the help of the community.”

Each set comprises of a pillow and accompanying cover, blanket and bed sheet. These items will be used in the Casualty unit which currently has 16 beds and accommodates more than 60 patients per day.