The Public Health Authority firmly refutes allegations made in an article allegedly published in the Khaleej Times claiming that the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has alerted of the existence of an unknown mosquito borne virus circulating in Seychelles and advising people not to travel to Seychelles.

Dr Jude Gedeon, Public Health Commissioner, reassures that there is no such virus in circulation in Seychelles. “This article is purely malicious and misinformed,” says the Public Health Commissioner. “We take this malicious allegation very seriously and cannot understand how such damaging information can be published without verifying the facts”.

The CDC and WHO websites referred to in the malicious publications are definitely not featuring such advisory on Seychelles. The Public Health Authority is demanding a retraction of this false information by any publication and demands a reflection on the damaging impact of this on the population and the country of Seychelles.