Praslin nurses and midwives met with the Minister for Health, Jean Paul Adam, and other management members in the afternoon of Friday 3rd November 2017, to discuss proposed changes to their scheme of service.

These changes were first announced in early October to a group of nurses on Mahe, the largest island in Seychelles archipelago. Since then, two further meetings have been coordinated, including the one on Praslin.

A total of 11 registered nurses from Baie Ste Anne Hospital attended the meeting, headed by their Nurse Manager Mrs Deena Hibonne.

As with previous meetings, those in attendance were given a run-through of the proposed changes to salary, allowances & gratuity. Many of these changes will take place immediately while others will be in phases. A retention allowance of RS3000, has already been put forward in the 2018 budget. The plan is to eventually include this to their basic salary once an assessment of their total workload is completed.

“Before we add the retention allowance to salaries, we need to justify this increment to the boards of Health Care Agency and Public Health. This will be done through an evaluation of duties of nurses and midwives,” Minister Adam said.

A new gratuity system is also being discussed, to have gratuities calculated as a percentage of salary every five years, rather than a fixed sum.

“Initially there was the proposal for it to be at 6%. Now, it is expected to be at 10% for all essential services,” Minister Adam announced. “This positive amendment will encourage workers to continue in their profession for longer.”

Additionally, the nurses were informed that changes to the inducement allowances as well as other allowances pertaining to marketable skills are being reviewed.  The nurses were also briefed on progressive tax, which is meant to be implemented mid next year to salaries nationwide.

Other matters addressed by the nurses include, advancement in their professions through promotions, refining of the objectives they set for each year, team building activities that could be performed per unit to achieve target for professional as well as personal benefits.