Strategies for the management of a possible plague outbreak were consolidated into a final plan by the IDSR Committee of the Ministry of Health.

More than 20 members attended a meeting on Tuesday 5th December 2017, in the Training room of the Sheikh Kalifah Diagnostic centre, to discuss and finalise details of the plan. These include regular activities to ensure the plan remains active and standard operating practices in the event of a possible outbreak.

A plague alert was raised in Seychelles following an outbreak of both the pneumonic and bubonic plague in Madagascar in August 2017. The plan which was established under the guidance of the World Health Organisation (WHO), makes provision for coordination, surveillance and laboratory, points of entry, case management and infection control, risk communication and social mobilisation, vector control and, logistics and supplies to properly tackle a possible outbreak within Seychelles.

The plague outbreak of Madagascar was confirmed to be contained on 27th November 2017. However, the plague is endemic to Madagascar causing regular cases to be reported between September and April.