Certain restrictive measures erected due to the unprecedented plague outbreak in Madagascar in early August, has been revised by the Public Health Authority (PHA). This comes as the World Health Organisation declares the outbreak to be contained.

In an interview on Thursday 30th November 2017 Dr Jude Gedeon, Public Health Commissioner confirmed that the travel restriction to Madagascar has been revised and that flights to the country may resume.

“We have already communicated that flights to Madagascar can resume. Additionally, port transactions can also continue as normal,” Dr Gedeon said.

The mandatory quarantine period of seven days after travelling to Madagascar is also being removed. The quarantine facility that had been setup at the Perseverance military academy has been returned the authorities. Dr Gedeon thanked the academy for their support, and reassures that if there is a need to revive this centre it will be possible.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is working on an isolation centre to quickly accommodate these situations. “We have requested a budget to start this project as of next year,” he confirmed. “We’ve been allocated around 10 million Seychelles Rupees to start it off. The facility is expected to house an isolation unit and a Public Health Laboratory.” The facility is expected to be completed in two years.

As the plague is endemic to Madagascar, certain measures of surveillance will still be maintained. “Madagascar usually reports a few plague cases between September and April. We have to remain vigilant in the event of a new case being reported,” Dr Gedeon added.

Upon entering Seychelles, travellers will continue to fill out health check forms and have their temperature registered by scanners on site.

As the outbreak is contained and measures are revised, Dr Gedeon concluded by extending a reminder to members of the public of the speed with which new outbreak arises and means they can prevent infection.

“There are several illness that threaten the world. One illness is Yellow Fever, which is making a resurgence. We’re currently doing a vaccination campaign and people should not miss the chance to be vaccinated.”