In efforts to reinforce daily operations at the Anse Royale Health Centre, the Minister for Health, Mr Jean Paul Adam accompanied by a delegation of management members from the ministry, conducted a visit of the facility early morning on Friday 17th March 2017.

Minister Adam arrived at the health centre at 9am joined by Dr Loren Reginald, Special Adviser to the Minister, Dr Danny Louange, the Deputy CEO of Health Care Agency, and Dr Velmurugan Chetty Ag. Chief Dental Officer and other management members.

Also accompanying the minister on his tour was the Member of the National Assembly for Anse Royale, Hon. Sylvianne Lemiel, who had extended the invitation for the visit, and the district administrator, Mr Jim-Roy Jeannevol.

“The visit was a very good opportunity for us to engage with the district authorities and with the elected member of Anse Royale to discuss the services we are offering in relations to what patients of the region are saying,” Minister Adam said.

Expectations of the day was that new ways of improving service experience for both staff and patients would be identified. Redevelopment projects in accordance with many of the key concerns raised in Minister Adam’s press conference, on Tuesday 14th March 2017, was also to be addressed.

The press conference had been an opportunity to update the public on the actions being undertaken by the Ministry of Health following the State of Nation address delivered President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr Danny Faure, in February. Key points raised was the possibility for the Anse Royale Health Centre to cater to admission services in light of the 50 thousand admissions recorded at the Seychelles Hospital in 2017 and possible plans for the dental health clinic which has halted operations for nearly two weeks. This has required patients to avail the service from other health centres.

Minister Adam addressed these matters on this tour of the whole facility where he viewed the Paediatric Ward located on the first floor, the waiting area, the dispensary, and the x-ray area, all located on the ground floor.

“Some key challenges are patient waiting time. This is one of the key areas that we’re looking to improve on in terms of patient-centred care,” said Minister Adam. Minister Adam further elaborated on the retardation of admission services. “There is a significant gap in human resource availability. However, I am very encouraged by the positive attitude of the staff.

Minister Adam concluded his visit with the assurance that the Ministry of Health would firmly tackle the challenges brought forward and guaranteed diligent work to ensure that in two years the Anse Royale Health Centre is properly equipped to accommodate at least 10 male admissions to relieve congestion at the male ward of the Seychelles Hospital and offer the best in medical care.