Person-centred care is a key foundation in delivering quality services, especially in health care. In-service nurses will have the opportunity to effectively develop their implementation of this concept through a partnership between the National Institute for Health and Social Studies (NIHSS) and Chamberlain University in USA, established on Friday 30th June 2017.

In a ceremony held at the Sheikh Kalifah Diagnostic Centre, the Director of NIHSS Mrs Marylene Lucas signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Professor Cecelia Maier, a representative of Chamberlain Nursing College, to facilitate the introduction of a tertiary education plan in line with the institution’s online training programme. In attendance was the Minister for Health, Mr Jean Paul Adam, the Principal Secretary for Health, Dr Bernard Valentin, the WHO Liaison Officer, Dr Bhupinder Aulakh and members of staff from the Ministry and NIHSS.

“Initial contact was made with the university in 2015. We sought training opportunities for nurses, midwives and nurse educators employed by the Health Care Agency,” Mrs Lucas said, addressing the audience. “We envisage that these courses will serve to build an existing capacity of nurses and midwives and will improve the service and care given to patients,” 

The partnership between these two institutions will provide nurses who wish to further their studies and add to their experiences, the opportunity to do so in a dynamic way. 33 candidates have been identified to enrol in two programmes from the institution. 21 students will be taking up a Bachelor of Science in Nursing while 12 candidates will pursue a Master of Science in Nursing Education.

Speaking towards the end of the ceremony, Minister Adam commended this initiative taken by the two institutions which gives every nurse who enters the profession in Seychelles, the opportunity to attain higher qualifications.

“The development and enhancement of our health forces is the corner stone of our health strategy,” Minister Adam asserted. “This programme takes us to a higher level of Health Care, and helps us to achieve our outcomes, which are better patient safety, better patient care and better health outcomes.”  Minister Adam further assured that the new programme will strengthen the capability of professionals to further implement person-centred care to deliver the best services.

Registered students had the opportunity to interact with several of the professors following the ceremony and will begin their courses in 2018.

Image shows Dr Danny Louange accepting spinal sets from Mr Steve FannyImage shows Dr Fock Tave standing infront of an audience explaining person-centred care