The North East Point Hospital and Hospice consolidated its partnership with faithful contributors, local telecommunications company, Cable and Wireless Seychelles Ltd and non-governmental organisation, Friends of North East Point Home and Hospice in a jovial ceremony held at the hospice on Wednesday 8th March 2017.

To bind the long-standing relationship between these three organisations and the donation to the hospital and hospice of 21 new cable TV subscriptions, internet connection and accompanying flat screen TVs from Cable and Wireless Seychelles ltd, three representatives signed a memorandum of understanding.

The signatories, Mr Charles Hammond, Chief Executive Officer of Cable and Wireless Seychelles Ltd, Mrs Rose Mary-Lee Bluemner, Chairperson of Friends of North East Point Home and Hospice, and Dr Danny Louange, Deputy CEO of Health Care Agency, exchanged copies of the agreement in the presence of staff of the hospital and hospice, representatives from cable wireless ltd and health department staff.

“This agreement signifies a positive relationship. It shows that there are others in the community who care and are interested in partnering in our services,” says Ms Isabelle Joubert, Nurse Manager at the North East Point Hospital and Hospice. “We are privileged to have people who are willing to join us.”

Connections to these new services begun during the last quarter of 2016 and ended early this year. Already, patients on the wards are enjoying the selection of new programmes while staff make use of the new internet subscription to conduct further research into performing better palliative care.

“We had TVs in the room before but I think the new and bigger ones bring a new ambience to the rooms. Now patients have greater diversity of programmes and they can choose to watch several of their favourites.” Ms Joubert says cheerfully. She further extends an encouragement to others in the community who wish to help in bettering lives for patients at the hospital and hospice.