Monday 13th February 2017 was the first day of school for several tertiary education institutions across Mahe, including the National Institute for Health and Social Studies. The first day of school was marked this year by a visit from the Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Mr Jean Paul Adam.

The institution, located at North East Point next to the Regional Home for the Elderly welcomed for the year, a new batch of 66 eager students anticipating to undertake diplomas in Social Work, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Emergency Medical Care, Nutrition and Environmental Sciences. 71 students also resumed their studies in the various health and social programmes on offer.

Minister Adam greeted the new students accompanied by their parents with a little word of encouragement for the long and challenging journey that is to be faced. He also interacted with second and third year students, for whom classes have already begun.

“A good way to improve the Health and Social Affairs sector is through human resources. NIHSS is not only an institution to produce new health and social workers, but also an institution to help existing health and social professionals enhance their qualifications and stay up to date with developments in these two sectors.” Minister Adam said, with a guarantee of opportunities to further studies for the newly enrolled students.

Minister Adam extended his visit with a tour of the establishment. Areas viewed include the classrooms, library, computer room, practical lab rooms and canteen prompting some concerns regarding infrastructures which the Minister assures is being catered to through new ideas to construct a modern campus for the institute.

“The institution is already doing excellent work with the resources available. However, to further improve the learning experience we are currently working on a project for a new building for the institute. We expect that in a few years, in line with our plans to re-develop the Seychelles Hospital, we open the doors to the new infrastructure.” Minister Adam said.

 The National Institute for Health and Social Studies already produces several groups of qualified health professional every year with 57 graduands in Nursing, Environmental Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Social Work and Midwifery obtaining their qualifications in March 2017.