Dr Danny Louange, CEO of Health Care Agency, has confirmed that a new isolation unit is being setup at the Seychelles Hospital. He said this during an interview with the media today, Tuesday 10th October 2017.

The new unit will be temporarily located on the second floor of the Seychelles Hospital on Hermitte Ward. The Hermitte Ward is being moved to the antenatal ward. Thus, the two maternity wards will be merged until further notice.

This a measure being taken by the Ministry of Health in the event that more cases of plague are diagnosed. “We need to provide a facility for patients who will be put under isolation and the best place to properly do this is Hermitte Ward,” Dr Louange explained.

“The unit requires two separate sections and Hermitte ward already allows for this this to be done. In addition it has two different doorways.” This will permit staff to have different entrances based on their stations.

It is important that people with symptoms of plague are put in the correct environment. They need to be in a facility where they can get the right care and treatment.

Dr Louange reassures the public that the Health Care Agency has enough resources to treat patients in case of more plague diagnosis.