Ministers of the cabinet of Seychelles pledged to be more accountable of national health in future policies on Wednesday 20th September 2017.

In a clear demonstration of resolve for inter-sectoral collaboration related to the nation’s health and well-being, 8 ministers signed declaration committing to ‘Health in All Policies’, a in a discussion presided by Desginated Minister, Macsuzy Mondon.

Minister’s present at the signing included, the Minister for Health, Jean Paul Adam, Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture, Mitcy Larue, Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport, Charles Bastienne, Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Didier Dogley, Minister for Family Affairs, Jeanne Simeon, Minister for Industry, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation Wallace Cosgrow, Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status Myriam Telemaque and Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Pamela Charlette.

According to WHO, this framework is an approach on health-related rights and obligations. It improves accountability of policymakers for health impacts at all levels of policy-making. It includes an emphasis on the consequences of public policies on health systems, determinants of health, and well-being.

Dr Conrad Shamlaye, Consultant at the Ministry of Health, gave a run-through of what Health in All Policies entails and the various benefits it would bring. Dr Shamlaye noted on the strong commitment to health that exists in cabinet already but called for a more cohesive and collaborative approach.

“How can we work together and better by placing ‘Health in All Policies’ into our Agenda? Also, emphasising that health is an integral part of development,” Dr Shamlaye appealed, before illustrating the role that this framework would play.

Minister Adam further emphasised on Dr Shamlaye points on increasing health accountability in all decisions because health relies on more than just hands-on professionals.

“When talking about health, we have a tendency to focus on the curative aspect while neglecting the importance of preventive measures. We need to understand that health is more than just the absence of diseases but a total wellbeing. This can only be accomplished by bringing together our efforts,” Minister Adam asserted.

Several minsters were absent from the meeting. These minister will have a chance also commitment to the ‘Health in All Policies’ at later date.