The Minister for Health, Jean Paul Adam, met with the MNA of La Digue, Hon. Nolin Sophola, on Saturday 23rd September 2017, at the Logan Hospital to discuss the redevelopment plan of the hospital.

Attending the meeting was the CEO of Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange, the Director of Community Health Services, and other senior representatives of the Ministry of Health, Health Care Agency and other district representatives.

Minister Adam and Hon. Sophola addressed the short term renovation of the existing building and the complete redevelopment of the hospital as provided for in the Seychelles Hospital Redevelopment Master Plan.

In the immediate, works are being undertaken to reroof the existing building and re-tiling of the floor. The Health Care Agency is also actively preparing the redevelopment of the whole hospital. The redevelopment will be done in two stages- with the facility eventually consisting of two buildings. Once construction is complete, one building will be for outpatient services while the other will provide for inpatients.

As part of the preparation, the Agency will procure the services of a medical architect. This will ensure that the new proposal meets the high standard that the plan requires.

As soon as the medical plan is complete, works will commence on the new building. Once this phase is complete, the existing services will be moved to the new building while the old building is redeveloped.

The Honourable member for La Digue reminded those present that this project has been a priority for La Digue for many years and underlined the importance of moving forward as soon as possible.

The Minister and his delegation recognised that the project is of high importance to meet the needs of La Digue and emphasised the value of also ensuring that the investment is done to the highest standard possible.

More details of the project will be available to the general public when the Health Care Agency presents the Hospital Redevelopment Masterplan to the public later this year.

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