Mr George Madeleine, Manager at the Health Promotion Unit within the Health Department accepted the ‘My Health, My Responsibilty’ pennant, assuming presidency of the Health of Our Nation (HOON) Committee, on Friday 10th February 2017 during the launch of the new sub theme ‘Move It’.

Mrs Stephanie Desnousse who was elected as the Chairperson for the committee in 2016 bestowed the position upon Mr Madeleine in the presence of the Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Mr Jean Paul Adam, the founder of the HOON Committee, Mrs Patricia Rene, and many other health department workers who had gathered to launch the new theme with a multitude of physical activities.

Mr Madeleine has already taken up his role to broadcast this year’s campaign towards more physical activity. “We’re working towards taking the theme unto a national level. Firstly, we’re starting within our own department, getting staff to be more active” Mr Madeleine said.

The launch of the new theme featured the participation of people of all ages, ranging from primary school students to elderly members of the community, and the HOON Committee expects to build upon this level of involvement throughout the year.