The numerous patients of Health Care Agency (HCA) requiring spinal surgery at the Seychelles Hospital will benefit greatly from local treatment following the donation of Cervical Spine Sets and accompanying Implants from Nouvobanq Seychelles.

Mr Steve Fanny, Chairman of Nouvobanq presented the CEO of HCA, Dr Danny Louange with these crucial equipment during a ceremony held at the Red Roof Building on Friday 3oth June 2017, at 9am. Dr Louange cheerfully accepted the donation in the presence of the Minister for Health Mr Jean Paul Adam, the Principal Secretary for Health Dr Bernard Valentin, the Managing Director of Nouvobanq Seychelles Mr Ahmad Saeed and several management staff of the ministry, who had gathered for this joyful occasion.

Dr Louange highlighted the high value of the donation, not just in monetary terms but also for helping to protect the lives of multiple people as well as sustaining the country. “This donation is historic for HCA, because we’ve never owned our own cervical spine set.” Dr Louange said. “This is very important because it will help us tremendously in keeping people from becoming paralysed following serious spine injury.”

These equipment are vital in treating severe spine trauma locally especially with the increase of these cases due to the rise in road traffic accidents, as well as industrial accidents. In 2017, there were over 700 cases requiring surgery.

Photo shows six staff members looking at spinal sets displayed on the table

Staff  observe the cervical spine sets and implants donated from Nouvobanq Seychelles

Following serious spinal trauma, surgeons have a time span of only six hours to prevent a patient from becoming paralysed. The cervical spine set will allow staff of the Seychelles Hospital to give this immediate care locally without requiring patients to be rushed for overseas treatment. “It is important also for the individual to go back to the life that they had before,” he added.

The set will also be used to treat advanced degenerative illnesses which are common due to the aging population. “It is also essential for other chronic conditions, such as arm pain, neck pain, pain in the legs and progressive neurological deficit,” he explained further.

The relationship between Nouvobanq and HCA in spinal care is expected to continue on with multiple projects in the works. “This partnership is very important to Nouvobanq, because we’re a bank that cares,” Mr Fanny said. “We’re committed toward our corporate social responsibility, which is being expressed through this partnership. In light of what Dr Louange highlighted, our contribution is paramount.”

In line with the donation, the Health Care Agency and Nouvobanq envisage taking on two separate projects to procure more equipment required in spinal care.  


Image shows two persons giving blood at Seychelles HospitalImage shows two people signing documents