An ambulance from the Seychelles Hospital is now equipped with a high performing, Spanish-made stretcher worth 46 thousand Seychelles Rupees.

This donation was given by ISPC on Friday 21st July 2017. The hotel supplies company made this vital contribution following a request from the procurement section of the Ministry of Health.  

“Almost all stretchers received are of poor quality and break easily,” said Mr Edward Azemia, procurement officer. Many difficulties are usually encountered when trying to obtain materials for ambulances. This is usually due to lack of standardisation of ambulances which are received through donation or bought from various sources.

The new stretcher will be used on a trial period of 12 to 16 months in hopes of soon equipping all ambulances with one. Minister Adam guaranteed that work is being done to standardise ambulances and the contribution from ISPC indeed facilitates it.

Minister Adam manoeuvres the stretcher

“We receive our ambulances from many different countries, but the fact that we can configure some of the materials locally to a standard that meets the criteria of Seychelles will be a huge advantage,” Minister Adam said.

The stretcher, was purchased from Kartsana Medical which specialises in ambulance supplies and allows for alterations to be made locally. This will ensure that all ambulances are fairly the same in layout. ISPC has offered to help the Ministry of Health with the configurations.