A consignment of 378 medical equipment will be purchased by the Health Care Agency (HCA) during 2018. This follows the signing of an agreement between HCA and an Indian Government enterprise, HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd on Tuesday 28th November 2017.

It was the CEO of HCA, Dr Danny Louange and the CEO of HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd, Mr S.N Sathu who signed the documents in the presence of management staff from the Ministry of Health and Health Care Agency.

The agreement will facilitate the purchase of medical equipment under a grant of 36.5 million Seychelles Rupees from the Government of India.

“This is a very important contribution. It gives us equipment that will help us to continue making a difference in patients’ lives,” Dr Louange said during the ceremony.

More than 17 types of equipment will be purchased. These include anaesthesia units, neonatal ventilators, patient monitors, ultrasound scanner, dental chairs and examination beds.

All health centres across the country will benefit from this agreement as the new equipment will replace many of the old ones which have been at the facilities for over 10 years.

“Patients won’t be affected by this switch because it will happen fairly quickly and the equipment will be quite similar to what we already have,” Dr Louange further added. He also clarified that the equipment will be maintain by local biomedical engineers. “The Health Care Agency will provide all specifics for the new equipment to ensure they are familiar.  Our experts will also be trained in maintenance where the equipment is novel.”

The signing marks the second phase of the purchase of medical equipment under the Indian Grant. The first phase was completed with the receipt of large consignment of similar equipment from the Indian Government in early November this year.