Over 90 individuals showed up to give blood in a blood drive organised by the Ministry of Health with the support of Lions Club Seychelles on Thursday 29th June 2017, on the occasion of Seychelles’ 41st Independence Day.

The activity begun at 7am, at the Blood Transfusion Centre located at the Seychelles Hospital, with an address from the Minister for Health, Mr Jean Paul Adam. Minister Adam praised the donors for mobilising on this special day. “I would like to commend the contractors and companies who have taken this opportunity to celebrate a very auspicious day in Seychelles, our Independence Day, to bring people forward and make a blood donation,” Minister Adam said.

The donors, who had come from various private companies identified by Lions Club Seychelles, proceeded one by one to undergo the procedures of giving blood. Despite the large turnout, the small but highly spirited staff of the blood transfusion centre adeptly accommodated everyone and ensured a smooth flow.

Mr Immanuel Christu Doss, Lab Technologist and coordinator of the blood transfusion team praised their hard work which ensued from the start of the activity. “We are managing quite well,” Mr Christu Doss said. “We’re explaining to the donors the various procedures. We tell them clearly what they will have to do and guide them through all the various stations.”

Upon arrival, donors are required to register and they fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire covers medical health highlighting details such prescriptions and whether donors have recently undergone any surgeries. After registration donors undergo a screening which requires blood pressure, sugar levels and haemoglobin count to be measured.

Normal Measurements

Blood pressure = 120/80

Sugar levels = 3.9 – 5.5 millimoles per litre (mmol/L)

Haemoglobin = 12.5 grams per decilitre (g/dL)

For this activity, blood donors are required to give only 450 ml of blood which equals 1 unit of blood per person.  

World Blood Donor Day recently celebrated on 14th June 2017 under the theme What can you do? Give Blood. Give Now. Give Often.’ urged for more blood donation to help save lives. The Ministry of Health in partnership with Lions Club Seychelles hopes to do this activity more regularly. Other interested partners are invited to join this initiative.

Image shows Dr Danny Louange accepting spinal sets from Mr Steve Fanny