57 graduates from the National Institute for Health and Social Studies received their diplomas in a memorable ceremony held at the Seychelles International Conference Centre (ICCS) on Friday 10th March 2017 in front of proud friends, families and instructors.

Also attending the ceremony was the Designated Minister, Mrs Macsuzy Mondon, the Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Mr Jean Paul Adam, the Principal Secretary for Health, Dr Bernard Valentin, the Principal Secretary for Social Affairs, Mrs Linda William Melanie and several sponsors of prizes for the ceremony.

The graduates undertook courses in health and social studies for a period of two and three years and 11 received their Diplomas in Nursing, 13 Diplomas in Environmental Health Sciences, 3 Diplomas in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 20 Diplomas in Social Work, and 14 received Advanced Diplomas in Midwifery.

Animating the ceremony was the school’s very own choir, a group of vocally talented students, who performed renditions of two popular songs ‘Try Everything’ and ‘History’ for their peers reminding them to be courageous on this new journey and that no matter where their individual paths lead them, they are still a team.

A highly anticipated part of the evening was the presentation of awards to graduates with exceptional performances in their respective courses. Awards for Best Performers and Best in Practice were bestowed unto two outstanding graduates from each field of study. However, the three most anticipated awards for the afternoon were Best Effort Student, received by Aaron Barrack, who undertook a Diploma in Nursing. Another nursing student, Vanessa Bristol, also received the newly introduced award for Best Person-Centred Care Student.

The most prestigious award for the day went to Lindy Legras, who undertook a Diploma in Social Work and was described by her peers as a student who embarked on her training with a remarkable confidence. A teary-eyed but overjoyed Lindy received her prizes from the Designated Minister and the Minister for Health and Social Affairs.

“I really wasn’t expecting to win this award today,” says Lindy Legras. “I am very happy. Especially since I wasn’t initially interested in Social Work. It is an interest that just sparked up and I have learnt a lot. I am still learning, now that I have started working. I’m continuously discovering various issues that families face. But, at the end of the day I am happy because I love helping people and helping them overcome challenges gives me satisfaction.”

The graduates ended the ceremony with a pledge to practice their profession faithfully and with dignity so as to ensure the total health and well-being of their patient and client.