Where should I address my complaints, compliments or suggestions?

The Ministry of Health has established a Complaints and Compliments Office (also referred to as Customer Care) located in the Red Roof Building in the grounds of  Seychelles Hospital. You can call the office for any complaint or compliment on telephone number 4303420 between 8am and 4pm . You  can also address your complaints and compliments to the Manager of the unit which served you. Use these avenues before you call the Minister or the President. Your issue will be addressed accordingly.

How many cases of the plague have there been in Seychelles?

Initially, Seychelles have only had 2 weakly positive cases of the plague through rapid tests done on sputum on two admitted patients who were having symptoms. The first weakly positive case (index) was reported on the 10th October 2017 and  the other case on the 12th October 2017. They were put in isolation as soon as they presented with symptom.

Blood samples taken from these patients and other suspected cases who did not undergo rapid tests were sent to Institut Pasteur in France for confirmatory tests. All results came back negative. So, Seychelles is plague free.

Can I go out in the community in light of the plague alert?

There is no plague epidemic circulating in Seychelles, so you can go about your daily duties. Measures against the plague have been intensified by the Public Health Authority as the plague outbreak intensifies in the neighbouring country Madagascar. However, public gatherings have not been advised against.

What are the symptoms of pneumonic plague?

The most common symptoms of the plague include fever, body ache, and  cough with phlegm. However, having these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you are infected with the plague. These symptoms could also be due to other illnesses.

There is currently a mild influenza outbreak in the country, and this is not to be mistaken with the plague. Your risk of infection with the plague is stronger when you have come into direct contact with an infected person or if you have travelled to Madagascar within the past 7 days.

Who should call if I have any concerns about the plague?

A new hotline is available for information relating to the plague. Call 141 for advice, concerns or to give information.

As a Ministry of Health staff, what can I do when encountering certain issues?

The Ministry of Health offers help and guidance services to all health staff.  We offer consistent help and guidance to anyone affected by work-related problems as well as personal and domestic issues. These services are delivered by our Staff Welfare Officer, Ms Marie-Claude Labrosse. She can be reached during working hours on 4388277.

The Staff Welfare Officer works within a well-set professional code of ethics, which involves integrity and confidentiality. The officer intervenes were appropriate to assist in resolving welfare problems.

What medical services can I get when I’m holidaying in Seychelles?

The Ministry of Health aims to make your trip to Seychelles as enjoyable as possible. It can be quite difficult for dialysis patients to plan for their ideal holiday as it has to be planned with good medical care. AMSA Renal Care, through the Seychelles Hospital, offers dialysis patients excellent holiday dialysis services. With the available holiday dialysis facilities, patients do not need to compromise on their holiday or work. They can book a hassle-free dialysis at the Seychelles Hospital Dialysis Unit at their convenience. For more information on these services visit the AMSA website or take the virtual tour.

How can I work as a nurse or midwife in Seychelles?

Any international candidate who wishes work as a nurse or midwife in Seychelles should register with the Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council. Upon successful and continuous registration with the council the candidate may look for employment opportunities in Seychelles.

Registering with the Seychelles Nurses and Widwives Council does not in any way guarantee employment as a nurse or midwife in Seychelles. Employment depends on availability.

How can I work as a medical practitioner or dentist in Seychelles?

To work as a medical practitioner or dentist in Seychelles, international candidates must first register with the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council. The council registers and licenses medical practitioner and dentists, regulates their professional conduct, facilitates their continuous medical and dental education and professional development and receives complaints from the public regarding their practice. Upon successful and continuous registration with the council, candidates may proceed to look for employment in Seychelles.

Registering with the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council does not in any way guarantee employment as a medical practitioner or dentist in Seychelles. Employment depends on availability.

Does the Ministry offer overseas treatment?

The Government ensures that patients who cannot be treated locally, because of lack of expertise, benefit from the overseas treatment programme. Your specialist will refer you to the Overseas Treatment Board and the Board will decide on your case. The Overseas Treatment Manager will inform you of the outcome. We send patients to the nearest possible quality health care facility. Currently patients go mainly to India, Sri Lanka, Reunion, Mauritius.

Is the Ministry building a new hospital?

Yes, a new hospital is being built at Perseverance. It is nearing completion. It will be the third hospital on Mahe after Seychelles Hospital and Anse Royale Hospital. The new hospital will initially be a day hospital and will slowly morph into a full scale hospital. Designing of a new hospital for La Digue will also start this year. These form part of the hospital redevelopment initiative of the Seychelles Government.

What should I know about Yellow Fever when traveling to Seychelles?

Yellow Fever Does Not Exist in Seychelles. Yellow fever vaccination is needed if you are traveling to Seychelles from a yellow fever endemic region. If you are transiting through an airport of a yellow fever endemic region for less than 12 hours you do not need yellow fever vaccination. Whenever yellow fever vaccination is required, proof of vaccination will be demanded at the entry point by public health officers.

How is human resources being developed?

Human Resources for Health remain the greatest challenge of the Ministry of Health. However, the Ministry is mounting an elaborate strategy to invite more young people into the profession.  The National Institute of Health and Social Studies is developing new and extremely interesting courses for new cadres of staff and advanced courses to upgrade existing cadres. The prospects are innumerable. Should you wish to take up a profession is Health, do not hesitate.

Are sophrology classes being offered to expectant mothers?

All expectant mothers can attend sophrology classes at their community health centre where they go for antenatal services. Ask your attending midwife about the classes.