• Jean Paul Adam
    Jean Paul AdamMinister for Health and Social Affairs

    Mr. Jean Paul Adam was first appointed to the post of Minister for Foreign Affairs of Seychelles in 2010. Subsequently, in 2015, he was appointed Minister of Finance. Prior to this, Mr. Adam held the position of Secretary of State in the Office of the President.

    Minister Adam received his academic qualifications in the United Kingdom, gaining a degree in English Literature and French from the University of Sheffield and a Masters in International Political Economy from the University of Manchester.

    Following his studies, Minister Adam began his political career at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, obtaining the post of Second Secretary in 2001. Between 2006 and 2009 he served in the Office of the President as Director General Presidential Affairs and as Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    In addition to his responsibilities as a public servant, Minister Adam has achieved acclaim, representing Seychelles at the international level as a competitive swimmer. He was a Bronze medalist in the Indian Ocean Games held in Seychelles in 1993 and at the African Games held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1999. He won silver and bronze in 1998 and 2003 respectively at the Indian Ocean games.

    Between 2006 and 2009, Minister Adam engaged in the teaching profession as a part time lecturer with the Manchester University and Seychelles Polytechnic Twinning Programme where he taught International Politics. Mr Adam was also Member of the Board of Trustees of the Seychelles University Foundation in 2007.

    • Dr Conrad Shamlaye
      Dr Conrad ShamlayeSenior Policy Adviser

      Dr. Shamlaye started his long career in health studying medicine at Glasgow University. In his early years he worked in the various units of the Seychelles Hospital, community health centres, the National Youth Service and Health Education. After specialist training in Epidemiology, he established the epidemiology services and training programmes in health systems research, and initiated the Seychelles Child Development Study in collaboration with the University of Rochester, where he was subsequently appointed Adjunct Professor of Environmental Medicine.

      He served for many years as Principal Secretary for Health and Special Adviser. During this period he participated actively in international health with the World Health Organization, the Commonwealth and regional health and development organisations, and was a founder member of the Red Cross Society of Seychelles. He also studied health economics and has remained active in the fields of health policy and development. He remains passionate about health and keenly promotes the principles of Health for All, Health by All and Health in All.

    • Bernard Valentin
      Bernard ValentinPrincipal Secretary

      Dr Bernard Valentin is a general medical practitioner with post graduate qualification in health services management.

      He has occupied various high positions in the local and international health sector, including the position of Special Advisor to the Minister for Health and Principal Secretary for Health.

      He has served for three years on the Executive Board of the World Health Organization. In the late 1990s Dr Bernard Valentin served, for one term, in the National Assembly of Seychelles as an elected member of that body.

      Dr Valentin is also a seasoned creative writer and news commentator for the print media. In 2013 and 2016, he won  highest awards for literature writing in the creole language. He has published two books and a third is being published.

      • Patricia Rene
        Patricia ReneChief Allied Health Officer

        Patricia Yvette Gisele Rene qualified as a teacher in December 1977 after 3 years training at the Teacher’s Training College, Seychelles. She qualified with a degree in Physiotherapist in June 1982 from ISCAM, Brussels.
        She graduated with a Diploma in Management [1994 to 1996] from the Seychelles Institute of Management, presently known as the Guy Morel’s Institute.

        Current Post:
        Presently holding the post of Chief Allied Health Officer in the Ministry of health, Seychelles and also the Chairperson of the Health Professionals Council, Seychelles.

        She is a strong promoter and advocate for continuous professional development and Human rights.

        • Shobha Hajarnis
          Shobha HajarnisConsultant

          She is a medical doctor by profession, specializing in Occupational and Aviation Medicine.  She qualified in 1970 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from the University of Poona (India). in 1990 she followed a certificate training in aviation medicine at the Royal Institute of Aviation in Farnborough, UK. In 1995 she completed a Master of Medicine (Occupational Medicine), National University of Singapore.

          Dr Shobha as she is commonly known, currently holds the post of a consultant in the Principal Secretary’s Secretariat in the Ministry of health, Seychelles.

          Previously she has held posts such as Technical Adviser to the Principal Secretary, Director General for Public Health Services, Director General for Health Systems Development, Director General for Disease Prevention and Control, among others.

          Dr Shobha is fluent in spoken and written English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and has working knowledge of Creole and Swahili

          • Bella Henderson
            Bella HendersonSenior Policy Analyst

            Bella Henderson studied in the United Kingdom (1974 to 1979) and qualified as a nurse and midwife. In 1987, she obtained a Higher Diploma in Community Health Nursing specializing in Maternal and Child Health in Melbourne, Australia.

            She also holds the Degree of MA in Health Services Management from the University of Manchester (1997).

            From 2009 to 2014, she held the post of Chief Nursing Officer. During her term, she initiated the development of a nursing database which is still active until today.

            She successfully advocated for home carers to work with the elderly in health institutions. She is engaged in the development of a programme to professionalize this service.
            She occupies the post of Principal Policy Analyst in the Ministry of Health since 2014 where she also represents the Ministry on several health-related committees.

            She served for two terms in the National Assembly of Seychelles from 1993 to 2004