Ministry of Health to begin COVID-19 vaccination campaign

As an additional measure to stop rapidly increasing spread COVID-19 virus in the country, the Ministry of Health will on Sunday 10th January 2021 kickstart its vaccination campaign for COVID-19.

A press conference panel led by the Minister for Health Mrs Peggy Vidot, today, explained the policy details of the roll-out of the vaccination campaign.

“The local situation in Seychelles continues to get worse for two weeks now. The team has worked really hard to implement different structures and processes to help manage the pandemic locally,” Minister Vidot explained.

“We are now ready to start the vaccination plan,” she added.

The first groups to be vaccinated are the leaders and healthcare workers. They will receive their first dose of the vaccines at the Seychelles Hospital.

The Ministry of Health will be administering two vaccines to start with, these are Sinopharm and Moderna. Approval to administer the two vaccines follows extensive review and recommendation made by National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) according to the following guidelines:
1. The available of peer-reviewed and transparent data on safety, quality and efficacy at each phase of the trial period for the vaccines
2. Availability of product fact sheet that outline product information for use, distribution and instruction
3. And, the product fact sheet for recipients and carers.

Distribution of the vaccines will continue throughout the coming weeks for healthcare workers. This will be carried out in specific stations at different locations across the country, including ICCS, Beau Vallon and Anse Royale. Following that the campaign will move on to vaccination of essential workers and high-risk groups in the population.

A group of health workers have been trained to administer the vaccines and familiarise with the local strategy. All who will take the vaccines will be asked a series of questions beforehand and will wait at the station for 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine for signs of any adverse reactions. Possible side effects of the vaccines include body aches, fever, inflammation and in rare instances allergic reaction.

After receiving the vaccine, each person will receive a vaccination card with details of the dose administered with an appointment slip for the next dose.

While the start of vaccination offers a glimmer of hope to fatigued health care workers, members of the public are reminded that the vaccine is just another layer of protection against the virus and that they should continue to practice the different public health measures in place.


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Under new guidelines issued by the Public Health Authority, no COVID-19 screening tests is needed for persons placed under home quarantine during or upon completion of the quarantine period. Testing may be recommended for persons who develop symptoms of the infection. All persons placed under home quarantine who develop symptoms are advised to visit the special stations at Glacis Health Centre, Baie Lazare Health Centre and Mont Fleuri Health Centre. The home quarantine period should be completed for 14 days, from arrival in Seychelles or last contact with a positive case of COVID-19. A certificate of quarantine will be presented at the end of the quarantine period.


Anyone with symptoms related to Covid-19 are asked to report to special stations at Glacis Health Centre, Baie Lazare Health Centre and Mont Fleuri Health Centre between 8am-12pm and 1pm-2pm. People who use these health centres for regular consultations, should go to their regional centres.