New measures implemented to further prevent spread of COVID-19

A press conference on Tuesday 7th April 2020, by the Department of Health presented new measures that are being implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This comes as a new case of COVID-19 was detected on Monday 6th April 2020 that had the authorities classifying it as a community transmission given the amount of people he had come into contact with.

The new measures, prevent further restrictions on movement within the country and additional guidelines from the department. These measures come into force as of midnight Thursday 9th April and will go for 21 days. These measures include:

  • All shops and businesses that do not sell groceries and food will remain closed. As per the previous guidelines, grocery stores will continue to open from 6am to 6.30pm.
  • All workers not in essential services will not be required to physically come into work, instead they will work from home.
  • Members of the public will have restricted movements on the roads. They will be allowed to leave their home only to access essential services such as, to buy food, for medical assistance, to go to the bank amongst others. In these instances the police will enforce these restrictions and assist with coordinating movements.
  • The number of buses on the road will be limited according to the number of people in essential services requiring public transport.
  • All construction companies are to cease work. This will stop the transportation of large groups of construction workers from their residence to home. Additionally, Public Health Officers will work with the companies to help them improve hygiene practices and social distancing.

A full list of essential services will be provided during the course of Wednesday 8th April 2020.

The Department of Health demands that members of the public adhere to these restrictions to help in preventing the spread of COVID-19. #ferouparSTOPTHESPREAD