Department of Health expands isolation and quarantine facilities

The Department of Health today, Thursday 19th March 2020, announced that the Isolation Centre of Anse Royale Hospital has been relocated to the Family Hospital at Perseverance.

The facility supports 30 beds, 5 ICU beds and 3 ventilators. It is segregated two accommodate two wings, one for confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the other for patients undergoing investigations, that is they are suspected cases are being tested for COVID-19.

Usual services at the Family Hospital are now taking place at the Seychelles Hospital or at various health centres across Mahe.

Additionally, the Maison Football building will now be used as an additional facility to quarantine incoming Seychellois passengers. The building, located at Roche Caiman, has a capacity of 12 rooms.

Both the Perseverance and Roche Caiman facilities will be used alongside home quarantine, a new measure implemented earlier today. Home quarantine will be implemented when the returning passengers have the right facilities in their homes according to public health guidelines.

In the instance that their dwellings are not suitable for home quarantine, passengers will be admitted to the either the Perseverance or Roche Caiman facility.


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