Beyond slogans for Health Promotion

In a consultative meeting, organised by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation (WHO), stakeholders deliberated a strategic approach for the future of health promotion.

The meeting was held at Avani Hotel in Barbarons on 9th October 2019. In attendance were participants from different departments in the country, including, the agencies of the Ministry of Health, Tourism department, Education department, non-state organisations and several others.

The meeting was opened by the Minister for Health, Jean Paul Adam. Speaking to the attendees, Minister Adam highlighted existing gaps in health promotion locally and many avenues for future endeavours.

He called on the attendees to be creative in their exploration of the way forward with consideration of the challenges faced within this age of accumulated media consumption.

“Successful health promotion is one of the pillars of a successful health system,” Minister said. “So, we must go beyond just developing slogans and messages that are shared within the population. We must be able to break down health promotion into practical actions, for citizens, for health workers, for media practitioners; for everyone in our society to be able to deliver effective health promotion in an integrated way.”

The need for integrated coordination of health promotion was also reiterated by the WHO Representative for Seychelles, Dr Tenin Gakuruh who highlighted the increasing importance of risk communications but also stressing the need to go beyond just health education.”

“The needs in various countries vary, but health promotion remains a key component for all. It takes different forms, and it has also brought about new areas, pertinently the area of risk communications. It has been crucial to ensure that countries have a resilient system,” Dr Gakuruh concluded.

Following the meeting a working group comprised of health staff are working on drafting a strategic plan for health promotion that will inform future activities.

Some key activities conducted by the Ministry of Health include:

  • My Health, My Responsibility Campaign
  • School Nutrition Policy
  • Workplace Wellbeing Programme
  • Sugar levy on sweetened beverages
  • Tobacco Control Act


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