Seychelles joins global commemoration for Patient Safety

For the first time ever the world joined together to observe Patient Safety Day during the week of 15th-21st September 2019. The occasion featured several activities organised by the Ministry of Health and its partners to encourage individuals to Speak Up about Patient Safety.

Patient Safety is centred on ensuring that all patient is offered the best care possible with a minimum of risk. The main event took place on Tuesday 17th September, where patients gathered with health workers for a thorough discussion on patient safety. Starting the conversation, Minister Adam reminded those present that in the health care service, patient safety should be the top priority.

“It is about putting the needs of the patient first,” Minister Adam said. He also added that patients’ safety requires several more vital elements. Listing universal health as the top most, he added, “There must be accessibility to healthcare. When we speak of patient safety we speak of access to healthcare by everyone, no matter their means, no matter where they live, no matter their socioeconomic background.”

Everyone were empowered to become partners in health to promote patient safety. Firstly health care workers were encouraged to reflect on mistakes made and areas for improvements. “The second element is to ensure that when something goes wrong, which is inevitable and it can happen that no matter what health system you’re situated in at some point there may a situation when the outcome is less than favourable. It is important to consider how you address this situation,” he stated. They were also asked to take note of areas that work well to ensure continuation of the best service. Patients and family members were also encouraged to speak up areas for improvement.

Activities for patient safety continued with a mass sensitisation throughout the country in the early hours of the following Saturday. More than 100 health workers stationed at various locations across the islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue to share best practices with members of the public, especially households that have patients using home care services. They also listened to public concerns. A special exhibition was curated at the North East Point Home for the Elderly to provide family members of residents with more information and education about patient safety at the institution and at home.