Health care workers trained as providers and instructors for Basic Life Support and Advance Cardiac Life Support

In line with the National Health Strategic Plan, to align in-service training with needs, Health Care Agency (HCA) carried out specialised training in cardiac life support from 15th July to 25th July 2019 at the Diagnostic Centre of the Seychelles Hospital. The training was sponsored by HDR Global Trading Limited trading by BitMEX, and has been facilitated by the Seychelles Financial Authority.

 The opening ceremony was held on Monday 15th July at the Diagnostic Centre Auditorium at 1:30pm, amongst Health Care Agency Official, Seychelles Financial Authority Officials, the Representative of HDR Global Trading Limited trading by BitMEX, Mrs Juliette Ally and the first group of trainees.

The training which is recognized as one of highest international standard repute for cardiopulmonary resuscitation was conducted by 5 experts from the Max Institute of Medical Excellence, from India and saw 60 staff members of the HCA being trained, namely, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, amongst which ten underwent further training to instructor level.

Heart Disease is the number 1 killer worldwide, and stroke ranks second globally. Even when those conditions don’t result in death, they cause disability and diminish quality of life. That is why American Heart Association advocates for early care for victims in many ways and consequently saving lives.

It is expected that after the training cardiac arrest will be recognized early, prompting rapid activation of trained responders and timely initiation of cardiac and pulmonary support.

With the ten trained instructors, establishment of the American Heart Association Centre in Seychelles will be possible, providing the same quality of training in out of hospital settings, benefitting the police, fire brigade, tourism industry, among others, with a training recognized by the American Heart Association.