Poets and health workers find rhyme and reason to bring HIV and AIDS Awareness to post-secondary students

30 students from five renowned post-secondary institutions actively participated in a workshop entitled, “HIV/AIDS and Poetry” on Friday 22nd March from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 pm at Room 2 of the International Conference Centre in Victoria.

The workshop marked the annual Safer Sex Week which falls during the last week of March and was commemorated under the theme “Safer Sex is Always in Fashion”  and the annual Poetry Festival which is celebrated from the 19th to 23rd March.

Mrs. Nontobeko Ndzabukelwako, a poet from the Kingdom of Eswatini (Ex Swaziland), who specializes in HIV/AIDS programming led the workshop at the behest of the Bling Bling Poetry Association and the Ministry of Health.

Poetry and Performance Poetry is a medium that can be used for edutainment (education and entertainment). This social tool is used to disseminate information, to address pressing social issues and to offer support to people.

“It can also be used to bring healing and personal growth to persons affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and to raise public awareness and empower young people in making healthy and informed choices,” said Ms. Maryline Hollanda, sexologist at the Ministry of Health.

“It is an opportunity for the Ministry of Health to add momentum to existing efforts in educating the general public on safer sex practices,” said Mrs Sabrina Mousbe, Programme Manager for HIV and AIDS Prevention at the Ministry of Health.