Futuro Sports Sesel joins Ministry of Health in weekly health walks

With a focus on encouraging more families to exercise together, members of the Futuro Sports Sesel, along with their coaches and parents will on Thursday 19th June 2018 join the Ministry of Health at the Stad Popiler for the weekly exercise initiative under the ‘Bouze Menm!’ (Keep Moving!) slogan.

The health walk which is led every week by the Ministry of Health under the Health of Our Nation (HOON) umbrella of ‘My Health, My Responsibility’ brings together different members of the community for a few laps around the stadium.

Kicking things off differently at 3.30pm, the newly formed football club/academy will start with a workout, where the children with their parents will engage in array of exercise routines; including drills and games. Members of the public who are interested to learn more about the academy are welcome to come and discover more about how the academy works and how they can get involved.

As participants will gather to take up their habitual activities at 4pm, the children and their parents will also join them for several laps around the stadium.

Futuro Sports Sesel has enlisted more than 20 children aged 5-25 years who have a passion for football. In joining the Ministry of Health to promote the ‘My Health My Responsibility: Keep Moving’ theme, they want to encourage more children to join the academy and get parents to equally exercise with their children.

A networking event will follow the event where members of the public will have time to interact with the club owners to discover more about their programmes.

Regular exercise is proven to contribute positively to a healthy life with reduced risk from non-communicable diseases.

As part of the ‘move it’ campaign the Ministry of Health is happy to join with Futuro Sports Sesel to encourage families to engage in regular exercise together. Participants are encouraged to do as much or as little as they are comfortable with.


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