Public Health Authority refutes claims of contaminated rice

The Public Health Authority (PHA) wishes to inform members of the public that messages circulating on social media and digital platforms regarding a contaminated shipment of rice from Pakistan is not authentic.

Investigations conducted by the Food Control Unit shows that the messages are related to an incident which occurred in 2013, whereby a shipment of 3 thousand tons of rice from Pakistan was quarantined in Mexico after officials discovered an infestation of tiny beetles in the grains.

No formal notifications have been received from the Seychelles Customs Department nor from the International Food Safety Network (INFOSAN) regarding a similar contamination.

The messages have been circulating social platforms in different countries for some time and the exact origin is uncertain and does not appear to be Seychelles.

Similar rumors have been circulating in the Jamaican media. Earlier in June the Jamaican Customs Agency (JCA) said it had no proof to confirm the claims.