Health Minister opens third annual symposium for Person-Centred Care

Bringing two of UK’s distinguished professors, Anne Hendry and Paul Rylance, the Third Annual Symposium on Person-Centred Care will be opened by the Minister for Health Jean Paul Adam on Wednesday 12th July at 11 am at the diagnostic centre conference room.

This year more than 80 health professionals have registered to take part in the discussions under the theme “Leading quality through person-centred care”.

Person-centred care is the practice of giving care more for the needs of the patient. The first Symposium on Person-Centred Care in Seychelles was launched in 2015.

Following that an annual event have been created to teach health professionals how to further be flexible to meet their patients’ needs by placing them as an equal partner in the planning, developing and monitoring care to make sure it meets their needs.

Over three days, participants will interact in a selection of presentations and consultations to understand person-centred care and how to cater to patients needs by allowing them to be fully involved in their care by examining what is important when giving and receive care, what makes them feel that an episode of care has gone well and what they can do better.

Additionally, there will be group discussion and role playing to identify future goals and targets in patient-centred care and to give participants the chance to put into practice what they have learnt.

The Symposium on person-centred care is held every year in July and is attended by health professionals in all cadres.