Cancer patients set to benefit from external contribution

The Oncology Unit of the Seychelles Hospital will benefit a dual donation on Thursday 28th June 2018 from Soroptimist Seychelles and La Belle Hair Salon.

The presentations will be made at 1 pm at the red roof veranda.

Soroptimist Seychelles with the support of MCB Seychelles and Kannus through their annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) will be giving to unit 4 clinical recliners and infusion stands and 2 TV sets.

Ms Josette Barbe, owner of La Belle Hairdressing Salon will make a donation of wigs for cancer patients who lose their hair during treatment.

The CEO of Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange, will accept the donation on behalf of the unit.

Also in attendance will be the Managing Director of MCB Seychelles, Mr Bernard Jackson, the Onwer of Kannus Mr Shan Pillay and staff of the Oncology.