31st October 2017 – The Plague outbreak in Madagascar persists but is reported to be slowing down. The capital Antananarivo is the most affected area with predominantly pneumonic type. All countries in the region are on heightened surveillance and alert, and have issued travel advisory. Many other countries outside the Indian Ocean have also issued travel advisories.

Local update
  • As of Saturday 28thOctober2017, the last two people who had visited Madagascar and were under active surveillance in isolation at the military academy completed their 7 days. They were discharged home. There are currently no further persons under isolation or any form of surveillance.
  • Cruise ship season has started and between late October2017 and April 2018, there will be 68 cruise ships that will call at port Victoria. The PHA has the schedule for the season and is not only monitoring the movements of the cruise ships, but also analysing the passenger mobility.
  • Cruise ship agents have been directed to inform the cruise ship operators that no passengers or crew from Madagascar should join the ship less than seven days prior to arriving in Seychelles.
  • No ship should enter Seychelles less than 7 days after leaving Madagascar. Should this happen, the ship will be placed under quarantine in outer harbor until the 7 days have elapsed. During that time no passengers, crew or cargo may leave the ship. The PHA officers will be monitoring closely.
  • Temperature checks and medical declaration form are continued to be applied at the airport for arriving passengers to maintain vigilance.
  • The Public Health Authority (PHA) continues to emphasise the advisory to discourage people from travelling to Madagascar for the time being.
  • However, individuals from Madagascar who have spent at least 7 days outside Madagascar and have remained well may enter Seychelles and will not be placed under active surveillance at Ile Perseverance military training academy. Any person who has been in Madagascar in the last seven days will be placed in isolation as per the established procedure.
  • Hotline 141is active and people can call for information and advice.


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