31st October 2017 – On Tuesday 31st October 2017, patients and staff from the Female Medical Ward of the Seychelles Hospital will relocate to the newly built Family Hospital situated on the peripheries of Perseverance.

Moving the entire ward is necessary to kick start the redevelopment plan of the Seychelles Hospital. It will include renovations, in phases, on the emptied ward as well as the others.

A total of 19 patients accompanied by their attending physicians and nurses will have moved by the end of the day.

Several provisions have been made for the patients. This ensures that there will be no interruptions to the services they are currently receiving. The Hospital will only be providing in-patient care for now and the staff will not be able to accommodate walk-in and emergency services. Management staff of the Health Care Agency has extended a reminder for members of the public to continue utilising these services from their regional health centres.

Personal visits will be from 2pm to 7pm during weekdays and 10 to 6pm during weekends. The Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) will provide daily buses services.

The Family Hospital was officially handed over to the Ministry of Health by the Sheikh Kalifah Bin Zayed Al Nayan Foundation on Wednesday 9th August 2017 and the opening of the facility is scheduled for later.

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