27th November 2017 – The Health Care Agency will sign an agreement for the purchase of medical equipment under the 36.5 million Seychelles Rupees received from the Government of Indian on Tuesday 28th November 2017 at 1.30pm.

Equipment purchased under this grant will be from an enterprise of the Indian Government, HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd.

The CEO of HCA, Dr Danny Louange and the CEO of HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd, Mr S.N Sathu will sign the agreement to facilitate purchase of specific equipment, in the presence of the Minister for Health, Mr Jean Paul Adam in a short ceremony, in the Minister’s Conference Room at the Red Roof Building.

The agreement caters to 17typesof medical equipment, totalling to 378 items specified by HCA. These include anaesthesia units, neonatal ventilators, patient monitors, ultrasound scanners, dental chairs and equipment and many other useful life saving equipment.

This partnership marks the second phase of the purchase of medical equipment from the Indian Government following the presentation of a large consignment of similar equipment from the Indian Government in early November 2017.