5th October 2017 – The Ministry of Health in Madagascar has confirmed that to date they have registered 194 cases of plague with 30 deaths.The flight from Madagascar last night brought in a total a total of 89 passengers and crew. 25 transited immediately to other destinations. The rest (57and the 7 crew)have been put under passive surveillance. This brings the number to a total of81 people under passive surveillance.

Active Surveillance

Among the people on active observation at Perseverance military training academy another man of 34 years developed fever late this morning with gastrointestinal symptoms. Although he does not suit the case definition for plague he has been admitted under isolation for care and treatment as an additional precaution in hospital,bringing the number in isolation to three.The 54 year old man who was admitted originally is now without symptoms but he remains admitted to complete his treatment course. The 29 year old woman was still having a fever only and other vital signs and respiration remained normal.She remains on supportive treatment and medications.

New measures

WHO and other partners are working hard to put the epidemic under control. According to WHO given that there are frequent flights to neighbouring Indian Ocean islands, risk of international spread exists. WHO has assessed the overall risk at national level in Madagascar to be high; and for regional islands in the Indian Ocean to be moderate.In view of this heightened risk of introducing the plague into Seychelles and given Seychelles limited capacity to keep large number of people under different forms of surveillance, the Public Health Authority, (PHA), is escalating mitigating and preventive measures. Consistent with International Health Regulations and Public Health Act,the Public Health Authority, (PHA), in the interest of public health is requesting Air Seychelles to suspend all its flights to Madagascar until further notice. The last flight will be on Friday 6thOctober 2017 until further notice