16th October 2017 – The Plague outbreak in Madagascar continues and remains uncontrolled.

Two WHO experts arrived in Seychelles over the weekend to assist with the response. They will be supporting DSRU in conducting a one day training for contact tracing tomorrow.

In Seychelles, the Health authorities have effectively controlled all potential contacts with suspected cases, and all persons under surveillance will be out of the possible infection period by tomorrow evening (Tuesday 17th October).

Update of cases admitted on suspicion or for precautionary measures

  • A total of 12people remain admitted in isolation in hospital.
  • The index patient (probable case) is still admitted on the hospital ward and has no symptoms and is stable. Today is the 8th day of treatment as per clinical guidelines, the patient is no longer infectious. He remains in isolation to complete his antibiotic course.
  • The other eleven (11) patients in the hospital are stable on treatment and asymptomatic. This includes the foreign national.
Contact tracing and surveillance
  • The 11 family members of the index patient were sent home yesterday after serving their period of isolation without developing any symptoms. All members are now outside of the possible infection period and do not have any risk of infection.
  • The total number of people admitted at the Perseverance military academy for active surveillance arenow6. None of them has developed any symptoms.
  • Three (3) Seychellois nationals returned from Madagascar via Nairobi on Thursday 12th. They remain well and are receiving prophylaxis.
  • A French national who left Madagascar on 13th October via Reunion will remain in the facility until 19thof October.
  • Two (2) Australians who arrived on Friday 13th October from Mauritius after having spent time in Madagascar will remain in active surveillance for 7 days before being released on 19thOctoberif they do not develop any symptoms.
  • A total of 577 children and 63 teachers at Anse Boileau Primary School and crèche have been given antibiotic prophylaxis. This is a precautionary measure in view of a potential contact with an admitted child. By Tuesday 17th October they would have spent 7 days after contact with the admitted child. While they have to finish their antibiotics course, they will come off passive surveillance.
  • Laboratory samples were successfully shipped to Pasteur institute France yesterday evening. We are now awaiting results.
  • Should anyone who is on prophylaxis develop fever, cough or other symptoms, they should contact their health centre, the Hotline 141, Dr Jastin Bibi on 2723739 or Dr Naomi Adeline 2711818.
  • Regional Health facilities (Beau Vallon, English River, Les Mamelles, Anse Boileau health centres and Anse Royale and Baie Ste Anne Hospitals) are being used to assess contact and provide prophylaxis.
  • The Public Health Authority (PHA) is reinforcing the advisory to discourage people from travelling to Madagascar for the time being. Anyone who has information that a Seychellois national is planning to travel to Madagascar should send a report to the Public Health authority or refer to CDCU.
  • Hotline 141 is active and people can call for information and advice.

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