6th October 2017 – The Anse Royale Dental Clinic will open its doors to the public on Monday 9th October 2017, following relocation to a small building behind the Anse Royale Hospital.
The new clinic will operate 5 days a week from 8am to 4pm. It has 2 consulting rooms (surgeries), an x-ray room, a reception and a waiting area.
One consulting room (Surgery 2) will offer adult dental services daily, while the other consulting room (Surgery 1) will alternate complementary services.
The rooms are fully furnished with new dental equipment and furniture. All installation and final check-ups were completed last week following the fitting of a 3 phase powerful supply.
Amongst the new equipment is a digital x-ray which provides advantages in time efficiency. As the first Community Health Centre to be equipped with such a device, the dental clinic will now be able to produce rapid x-ray results, as this new setup does not require film processing. X-ray results will be immediately displayed on an accompanying computer.
All equipment at the clinic will be maintained by staff from the Biomedical Engineering Unit, who have followed a comprehensive training on maintenance and repair of the equipment by the supplier.Members of the public can contact the clinic during work hours on 2509600.

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